About us

"We decided to work on a kind of an old-fashioned project: to hand-craft shoes that are comfortable and sustainably made with custom measurements, respecting individuality, the nature of the human body and the value of materials that are constantly thrown away due to mass production."

We strongly believe in individuality rather than generic sizes that claim to fit the "natural" human foot! We offer the service of custom fit on all shoe orders without an additional charge. We believe that each one deserves a pair of shoes that will fit their unique shape to allow true function of the foot.

For more info on the custom fit service, visit SIZING & CUSTOM FIT.

Our philosophy is to keep the designs simple, classic and comfortable but also up-to-date. The shoes are really lightweight as they feature minimalistic soles that are flexible and allow feet to bend.

HAND-CRAFTED SHOES & ACCESSORIES Everything you see around our shop is hand-cut and sewn with minimal use of machinery! We always use excellent quality materials, trying to recycle as we seek leather put aside by larger scale production. We never purchase it in lots and we utilize even the smaller pieces to reinforce, package and create our small collection of accessories. The Drifter team owns the creative process, from the design of the patterns to the photographs and customer care. Find out what's been written about us on:

THE TEAM The Drifter Leather consists of a team: Callie, Christianna, Maria and Garifalos. We are a small family business with tons of love for what we do! Callie is a photographer and graphic designer, Christianna has studied music and their mother and father, Maria and Garifalos, have over 20 years of experience in the shoe industry.
The heritage we carry goes three generations back. Our beloved grandmother, and Maria's mother, was a very talented modiste back in the 60's. Our grandfather, Garifalos's father, was a really creative cobbler who also produced shoe designs. In memory of the people who taught us everything, but also in memory of "the old times" when craftsmanship was an everyday reality, we decided to make a line of ethically produced shoes. For all the reasons above, we are very passionate about arts and crafts, and this collection is a great challenge for our imagination. Our workshop is based in Pilea, Thessaloniki and we take pride in our team being able to work with plenty of natural light, cooperation and happiness all around. Our designs are the product of unity, cooperation and heritage. Hope you enjoy our collection!