What do you mean by "Custom Fit"?:

We strongly believe in individuality rather than generic sizes and fixed shapes/forms! We offer the service of custom fit on all shoe orders without additional cost. If you are interested in a customized in terms of size and shape pair of DL shoes, pick the "CUSTOM SIZE" option from the drop-down menu. We only ask for your shoe size in order to cross-check with the custom fit measurements. If you are interested in a standard size, pick your usual shoe size from the drop-down menu. We accommodate women's sizes from US3.5 /UK 2/ EU34 and up to US15 /UK 13.5 /EU49, as well as different sizes between feet, various widths and calf circumferences. Please feel free to request a design listed as men’s or women’s, in either women’s or men’s sizes.

For more info and guidelines, visit SIZING & CUSTOM FIT.

What are minimalistic shoes & soles?:

Our philosophy is to keep the designs simple, classic and comfortable but also up-to-date. The shoes are really lightweight as they feature minimalistic soles that are flexible and allow feet to bend. They also don’t feature any hard parts and therefore they tend to adapt to the shape of feet after a few wears. Their insoles feature a thin layer of cushion and no arch support. We are able to add a 5mm thickness heel cushion hidden in the insole, by request.

What sole and insole options do I have?

SOLES: The soles featured on our shoes follow the barefoot style philosophy. Wearing the shoes you will feel your feet free to move and bend.
The full Vibram soles are hand-cut out of Vibram Super Newflex rubber sheets (of 6 or 4 mm thickness) that cover the whole sole of the shoes.
Other Vibram sole types are available and you can contact us to discuss your needs and sole type availability.

INSOLES: The insoles are made out of a 1mm thickness soft cushion and a layer of thin leather. They don't feature any arch support. We can also add a 0.5 cm hidden heel cushion for a slight heel elevation per your request.

Can I have a pair crafted on the size and shape of my feet?

As our shoes are handmade and all parts are hand-cut, we are able to customize the size and create a pair of shoes that will fit comfortably. We can also accommodate orders for different lengths or widths between feet or slightly change the shape of the toe box.

Can I place an order for a pair of shoes in a custom color or a different leather type?

In case you want to slight changes to your order, such as color and leather type, compared to what you see in the photographs of our products, feel free to drop us an email and we will try to accommodate your request. The color customization is offered at the low extra cost of 10 euros. Below, you will find a link to our color chart. Most of our designs can be crafted in the colors and textures included. Please, make sure to contact us to check on the availability of our stock and the suitability of the material for the style that interests you.

Our Color Chart


Will the item I’m ordering be available?

The collection of shoes and some of the accessories you can find in our shop is made to order, except for the ON SALE pairs. Although we make every effort to keep sufficient stock of materials for the listed on our site designs, occasionally we do run out of certain materials. Most of the designs come in a limited quantity and when restocked, we usually offer new editions featuring new colors and textures. If we are out of stock on an item that you've ordered, we will notify you via e-mail. In case you’re interested in customization, feel free to contact us to talk it through and see if it’s possible. Any customization can also be discussed within five days after your order has been placed.

Can you craft a custom design I have in mind?

All patterns used for our designs are made by our small team and require a lot of time, research and testing. We're not able to attach high-heels or thick soles to our designs, as we use no machinery other than a sewing machine. This helps keep our carbon footprint low and our shoe soles minimalistic according to the barefoot style footwear philosophy. We are open to working with you on new ideas for designs, so contact us to see if it's doable.


What does "fully booked" mean?

DL shoes are tailored and made to order and as we offer a wide range of customization, our production capacity is small. Our team can take on limited orders each month. "Fully booked" means we have reached our capacity and we are not able to take on new orders at the moment. The date and time of online ordering availability are announced on our website's home page, newsletter and social media. Please, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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How do I place my order?

At the date and time of online ordering availability, you will be able to put the shoe style(s) of your interest in the cart and checkout normally and book your spot in the queue. Due to the nature of the DL made-to-order shoes, for first-time customers, there is a limit of one pair (custom or standard sized). This is so you can check the fit, feel and look is to your liking before we craft multiple pairs of shoes for you. For a repeat customer, we can take on multiple pair orders.


How do I customize my order?

For us to take into account your requests about sizing and color, you have to contact us via email or through our contact form. You’ll get our reply confirming the color availability, suitability and sizing and your info will be linked to your order. The consultation for any customization can also be done after placing your order. You can pick the "custom size" option through the drop-down menu during checkout if you would like your shoes to be custom fit. You can add the Color - Texture customization

listing for the 10 euro fee to your cart, along with the shoe style of your interest if you would like your shoes to be customized in terms of color/texture.


How do I checkout?

Once you are ready to checkout with the items in your shopping bag, click on the “CHECKOUT” button in your shopping cart.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through PayPal, a well-known, trusted, and secure way to make payments over the Internet. You can also use PayPal's direct checkout to pay with your card. PayPal's direct checkout doesn't require a PayPal account.

What would the turnaround time for my order be?

The turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks. For custom fit/custom color shoe orders, the 4-6 weeks time frame is after the information required is set and confirmed. In case there’s a long queue of orders, it might take up a bit more time, but we’ll make sure to notify you about any possible delays. In case of national holidays and strikes affecting the shipping procedure, the shipping may have to be postponed, as post offices might not be in service.

When and how my item(s) will be shipped?

All orders are shipped with Registered Priority Air Mail with a signature requirement through the Hellenic Post Office (ELTA).
The address we'll use is the one you have on PayPal but it can be changed before continuing with payment.
See how to change your PP address

Rest assured that we'll do everything possible to get your order to reach you the soonest!
As soon as your package is shipped, you'll be notified and we'll provide you with a tracking number for the delivery. We've noticed that, on rare occasions, postal services don't update the online info for registered packages. In that case, we suggest contacting your local post office for more info. The postman will have to deliver the package personally to you, so your signature will be required. In case you can't be reached at the address you provided, a notice will be left, so you can pick the package up from your local post office or reschedule delivery.

EXPEDITED SHIPPING: If you need your item to arrive on a specific date, please contact us before placing your order and we'll try to make it happen, if possible. The courier service we use is SPM and shipping costs vary between 35-50 euros.

SHIPPING TIMES: With Registered Priority Airmail, shipping from Thessaloniki, Greece to the U.S., Australia, Canada and Asia takes about 15-20 working days. It takes 7-10 working days for a package to get to Western and Eastern European destinations. For deliveries within Greece, shipping takes 5-7 working days. There are also some options for express delivery that takes 2 to 6 days available at an extra cost. We're not liable for delays caused by postal services and we can't guarantee an exact arrival date.

What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

In case you're not satisfied with the product you have received there are options for exchanges/replacements, repairs, refunds, or partial refunds as we are open to finding a solution that works best for both parties, judging on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions for certain customizations apply, so please visit the POLICIES section or contact us before committing to a personalized order.

Can I visit your studio to place my order?

Our workshop is located in Pilea, Thessaloniki, Greece. Our facility is not set up to welcome visitors for retail services and there is little to no stock of footwear due to the made-to-order nature of our business.

What type of packaging are the items shipped in?

Our footwear is shipped in a classic brown cardboard box, hand-stamped with our logo. A small kraft label is attached and they are wrapped in packing tissue paper.

Can your footwear be re-soled?:

We definitely understand the importance of repairing your shoes and would not suggest leather footwear be thrown away while still having their uppers in good condition.
Our full-soled construction can be resoled by a skilled cobbler locally to you, using a rubber sheet of similar weight and flexibility to the one originally used. The specific Vibram soling sheet (code :8868) we use can be purchased and shipped directly to retail customers from a German online shop www.extremtextil.de.

Trusted Repair Shops:
Vibram Academy (Athens, Greece)
Vibram Academy (London, U.K.)
Dave Page Cobbler (Seattle,WA U.S.A)
Arcadia Shoe Repair (Victoria, Canada)

Thank you for taking the time to read our F.A.Q. and feel free to contact us if you require clarification regarding any of these matters.